V8 Vegetable Juice


For Christmas this year my very own Mrs Santa bought me a Juicer – a really good model by Phillips – that has turned my kids and I orange with an over indulgence of juiced carrots and fine oranges! Tempered by the addition of a chunk of cooked beetroot, celery and ginger these juices have kick-started my annual January cleansing and, to be completely honest, are making me feel great.

Five a day – rubbish we are talking Ten plus!

There’s one draw back – preparation and cleaning up! Peeling large Seville oranges is no great hardship but post juicing the pulp left in the base of the juicer, I really feel, should be recycled for cattle or pig food. It smells delicious is full of extraordinarily good vitamins and minerals which could contribute massively to the quality of livestock’s diet.

The mantra from all the publications is that juice has to be drunk within minutes of preparation to stand any chance of delivering the essential benefits of this liquid food. Great but what happens if your Juicer isn’t as portable as you’d like and your lifestyle places you in a car or otherwise on the move when hunger strikes. For me the very best commercially available juice has to be V8 Vegetable Juice.


V8 Vegetable Juice is made from eight vegetables (“V8” geddit) and is owned by the Campbell Soup Company. The original V8 is made mainly from water plus reconstituted vegetable juices from beets, celery, carrots, lettuce, parsley, watercress, spinach and tomato (about 89%).

Developed in 1933 by the founder of the New England Products Company, W.G. Peacock (1896–1948) by combining his individual vegetable juices into one product. In 1948, the Campbell Soup Company acquired the brand from the Charles Loudon Packing Company in Terre Haute (Indiana) and produces the product to the present. Famously, V8, whilst is great on its own is truly stunning when combined in a Bloody Mary instead of tomato juice.

For those who are throwing caution to the wind this New Year I’d heavily recommend my definitive Bloody Mary Mix that featured in our piece on Lea & Perrins sauce – whichever way have a very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!




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