David Gammon’s Transcriptors Turntable

With the world again waking up to the aural beauty to be found in music that is played from a stylus hitting a groove I wanted to look at one of the most emblematic and iconic turntables ever designed.

In 1964 British designer, David Gammon, produced Transcriptors’ “Hydraulic Reference” turntable. Transcriptors was founded in 1960 by Mr Gammon and it became a leading manufacturer of HiFi equipment throughout the 60’s until the 80’s .

The 1971 Stanley Kubrick classic film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ featured throughout the film a 1964 Hydraulic Reference turntable.

Also in 1973, Mr Gammon received a design award from the London Design Centre for the Hydraulic Reference turntable.

By 1973 Mr Gammon had moved his factory to Ireland where he produced the equally iconic “Saturn”, “Skeleton” and scaled-down “Round Table” turntables. Mr Gammon’s moved to New York City in 1974 to service the US demand for his products.

The design of Transcriptors stimulated a trend to expose the internal components. By using very high quality acrylic and aluminium Transcriptors gave their products an aesthetic appeal comparable to their sonic quality. They are today highly collectable and housed in many design museums around the world including MoMa in New York.

Transcriptors’ is now run by Mr Gammon’s eldest son and the company provides a full spares, repairs and restoration service for all our existing turntables and tonearm. It also makes the Reference R1 turntables available to order.

Image from MoMA

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