ÆSTHETIC – New Slang

I was pleased to hear today that those interesting folks at LanguageLine had delved into youth sub-culture and had reported on the “10 biggest buzzwords of 2017” – not bad a month in!

See the report here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4179764/The-10-biggest-buzzwords-2017.html

It seems, as you’d expect, that we are on or even ahead of trend, as one of this year’s biggest will be the word “Aesthetic”. This bit is worth extracting verbatim from the Daily Mail’s report:

“‘AESTHETIC’ The new ‘vibe.’ Vibe has a lovely, groovy 70s feel, but it’s been updated for today’s visual world. How to use it: ‘I’m obsessed with Kim K’s new Insta aesthetic!'”

So there you have it!

Oh and why the picture of the Beetle? Why ask ….because it’s just beautiful and completely iconic – and we may be trailing a future post!

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