Woolrich – Punxsutawney Phil’s 2017 Prediction

It’s a particularly curious custom, and its origins are well documented, but “Groundhog Day” – or every 2nd February – is a traditional holiday/media circus in the US, from which much flourishes.

From our friends at Woolrich, we have received the following post which confirms that Punxsutawney Phil predicts – from having seen his shadow – that there will be only six more weeks. During this week it may be that you want to cash in on some final sales of Woolrich’s fine flannel shirts, parkas or even rugs – enjoy the roasting fires! http://enews.woolrich.com/q/03skmmYLpxMj_NzlkJolKg-_RtjQglhcmx7JvPs6WyhEohPQIRMBRQhte

Oh and if you do drop in on the good folks from Woolwich (PA (US)) be sure to say hi from us at Aestheticons.com.


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