Sue and Spike’s “Airstream”


I really love this job! Having posted in appreciation of those iconic US-made “Airstream” trailers – please see our earlier piece here Airstream trailers – I was contacted by Spike Ress, a professional water-colour artist based in Parowan, Utah (USA).

Spike liked our post about Airstream trailers and told me of he and his artist partner, Sue’s, own Airstream – a 1955, 26 foot “Overland” (as shown in our featured image) – which he has owned for thirty eight years. It’s a constant joy and accompanies this adventurous couple on their journeys seeking out the wild and untamed America.

You can see Spike and Sue’s really well presented blogs here – enjoy – they are a great read.

Spike and Sue’s Airstream 1

Spike and Sue’s Airstream 2

Spike also has a very interesting Facebook page where he introduces and informs an increasingly large audience on influential painters both well known and lesser known.


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