London A-Z street atlas – The Knowledge


A few weeks ago, in praise of its very practicality, we ran a piece on the iconic London “A-Z” street atlas – see our earlier post here – London “A-Z” street atlas.

We had a massive response from our audience who clearly are still very familiar with the London A-Z and use it frequently.

As noted, the guide and associated materials are often used by London’s would be Black Cab taxi drivers as they undertake the training to be accredited with the Carriage Office’s precious badge allowing them to ply their trade in London and the suburbs.

Well, as often happens Aestheticons and respected UK tv station, Channel 4, were obviously thinking along the same lines. See here the announcement in February of this one off special. Channel 4 – The Knowledge

On Wednesday 12th April at 9.00 Channel 4 (10.00 CET) are showing “The Knowledge – The World’s Toughest Taxi Test” and the presence of the London A-Z in the trailer The Knowledge trailer reinforces its role in this a rite of passage for London’s dedicated and trusted Cabbies.



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