Banksy – at last unmasked?

Banksy 2

Dominic Baker, in his excellent Aestheticons piece a few weeks ago, cast an artist’s view over the work and influence of the iconic street artist “Banksy”. See Dominic’s piece here Banksy

Dominic’s piece drew an amazing reaction from our Aestheticons’ audience, who clearly enjoyed not only his excellent study but also revealed a profound interest in Banksy, his work and rather sadly, his identity.

Tantalising pieces appear in publications all over the world seeking to unmask Banksy – today’s Daily Mail being a typical example – here Banksy at last unmasked

Why? I am not sure what difference it would make. I like the guerrilla even anonymous nature of his work, often under cover of darkness, a new and challenging piece of art is born.

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I am an English trained and experienced lawyer. I have lived with my wife and family for nearly twenty years in the “California of Europe” - at the tip of Southern Europe. I am a proud European and driven to evangelize about the quality of life to be enjoyed here.

2 thoughts on “Banksy – at last unmasked?”

  1. Banksy’s mystique is the intrigue behind these overtly political badly executed images.The ‘Walledorf’ project was a pointless exercise of massaging his own ego..I can never understand the popularity of his crudely sprayed images,after a while the novelty wears off?


    1. More than anything I respect your right to your opinion. However, I believe that anything of worth can be trivialized given sufficient effort and intention. I “get” Banksy and like his sense of irony, humour and mischief. Largely in the same way as I “get” Hirst, Jackson Pollock or Rothko, each of whom doesn’t, in my opinion, hold up to too much over-analysis.


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