Maserati A6G/54 Zagato

1955 Maseratti A6G-54 Brlntt 01

I am indebted to a regular Aestheticions reader for expanding my automobile education and introducing me to the sheer delights of the 1955 Maserati A6G/54 Zagato.

The A6 models – with straight six-cylinder 1.5 litre engines – were made by Maserati between 1947 and 1956 and named after one of the company’s co-founders, Alfieri Maserati, who along with his brothers Ernesto, Bindo and Ettore established the iconic company in Bologna in the late 1920’s. Maserati’s trident logo derived from the Fountain of Neptune in the city’s, Piazza Maggiore.

By 1937 the company was in financial difficulty and the remaining brothers sold all their interests to the Orsi family who moved Maserati to Modena where it has been ever since. After year of takeovers, mergers and sales the company is now well funded with an evolving range as part of the car giant, Fiat Chrysler.

1955 Maseratti A6G-54 Brlntt 04

The A6G grand tourer was launched in 1954 at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, it was originally known as the “A6G 2000 Gran Turismo’ – but is more commonly known at the A6G/54.

The A6G/54 was offered in a choice of four body styles: a Carrozzeria Allemano Coupé – only 21 were made, a Coupé and a Gran Sport spyder by Pietro Frua (see below) – only 7 and 12, were made and a fastback by Ugo Zagato of which a total of 19 were made in this configuration plus a racing special on the same chassis. Between 1954 and 1956 the total production was a mere 60 cars.

Given the rarity of these car values are astronomical, it’s anticipated that our featured car, if you could find one to buy would be in excess of $3m.

It may be interesting to note, that in the UK during a similar era Jaguar were making the XK120 – see here our previous post Jaguar XK120 and MG were making the MGA – see our previous post here – MG – MGA. Both of which, although beautiful in their own way, seem to echo the design of cars of an earlier era whereas the A6’s design seems altogether much more modern.

Mas Frua Berlinetta

To be clear our featured car is a 1955 A6G/54 two-door coupe by Ugo Zagato which was sold at Gooding and Co’s Pebble Beach auction in 2010. The name A6G/54 derives from “A” for Alfieri, “6” the number of cylinders, “G” featuring a Ghisa or cast iron engine block and “54” denotes its year of first introduction.

Given the rarity of these car values are astronomical.It is anticipated that our featured car, if you could find one to buy, would cost in excess of $3m.

Maseratti 3

A new A6 inspired Maserati – a 2 plus 2 grand tourer – has been scheduled in recent years to join the range. Called the “Maserati Alfieri”, it was trailed as a concept car in 2014 and is understood that its planned launched will be in 2020.

Whilst I am a little concerned by the increasing similarity of super cars, I hope that Maserati delve into their heritage to make this re-imagined classic truly special and worthy of the A6 legacy.

Maserati Alf

Images by Gooding & Co Auctions

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