An updated Land Rover Defender?


It seems that the suggested demise of Land Rover’s iconic Defender brand may have been somewhat exaggerated.

Thanks to a tip from the eponymous Jeremy Hackett – a fan of the Defender, he directed me to The Times (for our US friends The London Times….) on Wednesday 20.09.17 that reported the following compelling piece heralding a well funded vision to revive the brand’s fortunes:

Cannot wait – watch out here for more details as we get them.

When researching a piece on the Defender for last year, as repeated here it seemed that the main issues were a lack of conformity with new standards for emissions etc. Resolve those issues and I suspect a heathy queue will form!

STOP PRESS – whilst we are all waiting for the new Defender to arrive why not allow you inner child to roam the country with a 1/10th scale remote control model of a Defender? Enjoy the video here Remote Control Defender

Our earlier post is here

Get your own diecast models of a Land Rover 90 and 110 by clicking the following AMAZON links Land Rover Defender 90 Diecast Model CarLand Rover Defender 110 Diecast Model Car

Images Courtesy of Land Rover and Cararma

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