Brooks – Cambium All-Weather saddles

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I was quizzed at R.M Williams’ flagship store in London – RM Williams “Craftsman Boot” as to my preferred boots – simple, the beautiful and clearly well made Craftsman range – and where I was based? Curious as to the request I explained that I was considering the leather soled dark brown suede version and that I was based in Southern Europe. With some relief it was explained to me that my location made such a sale acceptable. Had I admitted to living in Northern climes where the likelihood of rain was more frequent, I may have been denied such a pair of boots! I accepted the advice as entirely sensible.

The experience started me thinking of those leather goods that had less chance of survival intact where they were used in a climate where rain was a problem.

I really like Brooks cycle saddles – see our previous post here – Brooks bicycle saddles – but their classic B17 saddle which is a simply stunning leather saddle whilst can be treated with all manner of curative and restorative products is, sadly, likely to degrade in a very wet climate.

To combat such a disaster befalling your iconic Brooks saddle I was pleased to recently hear that Brooks had launched an extension to their range of all weather saddles – featuring vulcanised rubber and waterproof nylon – under the ” Cambium” brand. Brooks Cambium All-Weather Saddles

Please click here to buy a Brooks Black C17 Carved Cambium Saddle on AMAZON CAMBIUM C17 H CARVED BLACK

Please click here to buy a Brooks Black C17 Regular Cambium Saddle on AMAZON  CAMBIUM C17 H BLACK

A favourite of ATB bikers around the world – the Cambium which is available in a variety of sizes featuring the standard and carved option for greater comfort – will bring a welcome relief to those of you who love Brook’s saddles but prefer a dry backside on your commute – at least at its start!

Brook cambium.jpg

Images – Courtesy of Brooks

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