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Life is sadder when bereft of colour. Pantone, is an iconic brand that has colour at its core – with its Color Matching System .

Virtually every known corporate colour needs a trusted route to ensure the reliability of its use world-wide.

Coca Cola’s red – unofficially Pantone 484C, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk’s purple – Pantone 2685C, EasyJet’s orange – Pantone 021C that has led to frenzy of work for Trade Mark lawyers as its a very similar shade to the orange as used by both Orange Mobile and Hermes – Pantone 151C.

The company produces and sells its iconic Pantone Guides, that are used by many graphic designers and printing shops, and contain a large number of colour variants that are individually identified by a Pantone allocated number for ease of reference. These allow  designers to “colour match” for products pre-production. The Pantone system comprises in excess of 1,100 spot colours.

Pantone Card

Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute has declared a colour “Color of the Year” allowing those involved in colour trendsetting businesses including fashion and consumer goods to designs future products to stay on theme.

For several years Pantone has licensed certain colours for the development of various lines of merchandising that have brought their distinctive colours – and Pantone numbers – into the home and office in a variety of attractive ways.


Greenery 15-0343 Mug in Pantone “Colour of the Year 2017” Please click here to buy on AMAZON Pantone Color of the Year 2017 Greenery Mug

In 2007, X-Rite Inc., a supplier of colour measurement instruments and software, purchased Pantone Inc. for $180 million.

STOP PRESS – In line with their annual trend setting policy PANTONE have just announced their color for 2019 – and it is a fabulous and vibrant shade of orange called “Living Coral”

See here the link to PANTONE’s announcement Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019

Images courtesy of Pantone, EasyGroup and CocaCola Inc.

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