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It cannot have failed to appeal to many the proliferation of swooping visual images that are present in documentaries – David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet II” is a good example. Images that appear to be taken from extraordinary heights giving a very wide angled shot of a coast, mountain range or New York scene effortlessly skirting the tall buildings. Whilst these magical images are not the result of an army of small people in miniature helicopters, they are, in the main, shot using cameras mounted on Drones the technology of which has allowed even novice filmmakers to shoot astonishing footage.


These small unmanned aircraft are known formally as “unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)” more commonly known as a Drone. They fly either by remote control, operated by a human often ion the ground whilst others with more militaristic uses have onboard computers. It is thought that by 2015 over a million Drones had been sold for non-military purposes – such as aerial photography.

In many major countries notably the USA, UK and Australia the the Regulations that control the flying of Drones are for, obvious of air safety reason, increasingly strict. For the UK the DroneSafe website is a very good source of reference and aims to provide useful and practical advise to ensure air safety. Whilst safety is paramount it is still possible to use Drones to take impressive images.

GoPro – see here our previous post on these amazing cameras – Go Pro Hero 4 camera is one of the largest producers of what are described as “sports cameras” capable of astonishing, highly focussed and stable images. Go-Pro have attached their Go-Pro camera technology via a gimbal – giving incredible stability and wide-angels – to a series of Drones under the brand name “Karma”.

See here the Youtuber and celebrated filmmaker, Casey Neistat, testing the Karma in 2016. Go-Pro Karma Note that this vlog has been viewed over 7.5m times!

See here Casey testing – and raving about – the DJi Mavic Pro in later 2016 – Is this still the Greatest Drone Ever? DJI Mavic Pro as seen by 9.5m people!

Would you like a DJI Mavic Pro – if so, click the following AMAZON link


DJI Mavic Pro Drone – Grey

Sadly, the Karma was troubled by technical issues, not the success that Go-Pro had hoped for and was eventually withdrawn citing increased flying regulation as reducing the overall market. My feeling is that this is an acknowledgement that DJi have won the Drone battle but it also highlights the speed with which success and failure can visit current technologies and great designs.

The DJi range has been augmented by the addition of the more beginner focussed DJi Spark – hotly tipped to be the best selling drone in 2018 – see here Casey’s review DJI Spark


DJI CP.PT.000746 DJI Spark Drone, Alpine White

How comforting to see that technology has the power to save live – yes for real! In what is said to be a first, news reports in January 2018 from Australia show a Coast Guard Drone being used to deploy a safety raft to two surfers who were trapped by heavy seas off the coast of Lennox Head in New South Wales – see the dramatic footage here – Drone Saves Surfers

STOP PRESS: 23.01.18 – bringing you right up to date – by coincidence DJi launch their new Drone called the “DJi MAVIC Air” and here is Casey Neistat being thrilled to review this new piece of tech. Casey Neistat Reviews the DJi MAVIC AIR 

We will keep you updated on this and let you know when you will be able buy the DJi MAVIC Air through our pages. Thanks for reading.

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Image credits – with grateful thanks to Casey Neistat, Go-Pro, DJi, National Geographic, http://www.aerojo.com and Euronews.


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