Our Mission Statement – At Æstheticons.com, we curate those iconic designs that we love. We provide our audience with a platform to share our posts and a community where they can share their experiences of the designs we have featured. Whilst preserving the integrity of our site, we are exploring ways to allow art to co-exist with commerce.

Er…. and here’s the longer version: My mission is to curate for you beautifully designed and iconic products. I really hope you’ll want share your joy of using them – please do I am keen to hear of your tales and experiences.

The clear mandate for Æstheticons.com is a very plausible excuse for me to evangelise about iconic products that I admire and enjoy. I’ll tell their story and aim to predict future classics.

I’ll deliver on a regular basis to our growing subscriber base the very best products that result from design excellence. It may be a design classic, an everyday item or a re-imagined enhancement to a much-loved product but it will always be authentic, beautifully crafted and honestly presented.

The majority of items featured on Æstheticons.com have either been enjoyed by me – and others – for many years or have been extensively lusted after until the budget allows!

Cards on the table, I do hope you will love visiting Æstheticons.com as much as I enjoy creating it. However, part of our Business Plan is to allow retailers of some of the products featured to connect with our readers.

By purchasing through Æstheticons.com a percentage of the purchase price falls into our coffers enabling me to carry my our work.

Thank you for your interest.

Mark FR Wilkins 2016

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