Closca: Fuga foldable bike helmet

Hands up I came across Closca’s Fuga foldable cycle helmet when I was researching the market for an idea I had for the design of folding bike helmet.

I was considering a design based on the collapsible wooden fruit bowls cut by a band-saw in concentric circles that are attached to their larger and smaller neighbouring sections by a narrow flexible fabric strip. Often to be seen sold at ethnic street markets in London, Malaga and New York. They concertina into a flat pack which I thought made huge sense and may well, when up-ended and secured with a conventional chin strap – and obviously safety certified – , provide a highly satisfactory and completely portable solution for the prevailing safety issues with Boris Bikes/Sidiq Saddles in London and the equivalents in Central Park or Calle Larios.

Too few occasional riders go equipped to ride their cycles because conventional helmets tend to be cumbersome.

I was delighted to see the amazing detail that Closca Design has devoted, with its design partner CuldeSac, to solving this collapsible solution whilst not compromising on style. For me they have designed a future classic.


Comprising three concentric rings hinged together with two stable elements Closca’s patented system reduces the helmet’s volume by more than 50% after folding making it flat like a book for easy stowage in a handbag or backpack.

Already an award winner, the Closca Fuga has picked up the prestigious 2015 RedDot Prize, the Eurobike Award in Germany – at the world’s biggest bike fair where it was selected as one of 35 products from the 1600 exhibitors – and the winners of Eco Value prize as part of the Climate Kic-European Accelerator Program, an EU’s climate innovation initiative.

A feature that also requires special mention is that the Closca Fuga helmet also has a built-in NFC tag which when activated via a smartphone will enable a call to an emergency number or can validate your use of a rental bike without you needing your card.

Photos by Closca Designs SL