Dorothea Lange – “Migrant Mother”


Dorothea Lange – “Migrant Mother”

I ❤️ NY – by Milton Glaser


I ❤️ NY


Please note my blog post is not approved, endorsed or associated with the New York State Department of Economic Development.

National Geographic Magazine and Steve Mc Curry’s portrait “Afghan Girl”



National Geographic Magazine and Steve McCurry’s portrait “Afghan Girl”

Monopoly – an update


I have been reading about an exhibition – “Game Plan – Board Games Re-discovered” – and excellent show at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green (East London) which runs between 8 October 2016 – 23 April 2017.

As our regular readers will know, my family and I have a very healthy Monopoly habit that has been known to dominate our Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered will celebrate the joy, excitement and occasional frustration of playing board games. This will exhibition include some of the most iconic, enthralling and visually striking games from the V&A’s outstanding national collection of board games. Alongside current family favourites such as Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit, and traditional games like chess, the exhibition will look at historical board games including The Game of the Goose and other beautifully designed games from the 18th and 19th centuries.”

V&A Museum of Childhood is open daily from 10.00 to 17.45

Wahl Clippers



Wahl Clippers

Castiglioni’s RR126 radio-phonograph


Castiglioni’s RR126 radio-phonograph


Penguin Books


Penguin Books





Bic Cristal ballpoint pen


During the Second World War, Marcel Bich had seen a ballpoint pen made in Argentina by Hungarian brothers László and Gyorgy Bíró – which they had first announced in 1931.

Bich’s (later to change his name to “Bic”) design team developed the Bic Cristal after he invested in Swiss technology capable of cutting and shaping metal down to a 1mm sphere which allowed ink to flow freely. Bich developed a viscous ink that neither leaked nor clogged and, under a licence from Bíró, launched the Bic Cristal in December 1950 – a huge world-wide success.

The Bic Cristal was the best selling pen in the world; the 100 billionth was sold in September 2006.

Photo from

Opinel Knife


Opinel Knives

Swan Vestas Matches


Swan Vestas Matches

New York Yankees Cap


Photo from New York Yankees

Sears Roebuck’s Waterwitch Outboard Motor


Alessi Juicy Salif – designed by Philipe Starck


Photo from Alessi

Coca-Cola Glass Bottle


The original Coca-Cola glass bottle – the so-called “contour bottle” – originates from an early prototype from November 1915 and was designed by Earl R Dean, a member of staff at the Root Glass co of Terre Haute, Indiana. It is said to have been inspired by the shape of the coca pod. It became Coca-cola’s standard bottle by 1920 with a revised version gaining patent protection on 25th December 1923.

Photo from Coca-Cola

Dualit Toaster

Dualit Toaster.jpg

The original Dualit toaster was designed by Max Gort-Barten in 1952 primarily for the catering market it had six slice holders, a manual ejector and a timer. An iconic design, the Dualit toaster is still hand-built at the Dualit factory  in Crawley, West Sussex.

Photo from Dualit

Dyson Airblade Hand-dryer


Photo from Dyson

Hamilton Beach Classic Blender


Gaucho Belts


Photo from


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  1. Interesting and informative. Beautifully must be difficult of which icon’s to include.
    Ex: Rubik Cube etc. More to come l’m sure.


    1. Curiously I started drafting Rubik’s Cube yesterday! Thanks for your kind comments. Please share our posts (if that appeals) also at the end of each post there’s a Leave a Reply area for you to post your experiences of the products we feature. Regards Mark


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